Yao Retires

After nine seasons in the NBA with the Houston Rockets the 7'6 center decided to call it a quits. Yao had missed all but 5 games last season and missed all of the 09-10 season with various leg and foot injuries. Over the 7 year period when Yao was healthy he was the arguably the most productive center in the league. He lead centers in scoring and was 4th in rebounding in an area where a dominating center is very uncommon.

Yao came into the league as the #1 pick but was little known other than being a 7'6 center. The center had a surprising touch and left with being one of the best shooting centers in NBA history, shot 83% from the line and had a nice fade away jumper. Yao averaged over 19 points per game over his career and grabbed 9.2 rebounds.

Yao also helped change the NBA." Yao came to the NBA...and brought 2 billion fans with him." The center was overwhelming voted, by the fans, to the all star game every season...even when injured. He was the pride of China and even carried the Chinese flag at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. Many believe he was a bigger impact on the NBA's growth than Micheal Jordan and the NBA hopes these followers don't leave with Yao.

Deron Williams headed to Turkey?

If the lockout continues and the 2011-2012 season is skipped there will be at least one player still playing and that is Deron Williams. The Nets all star point guard, who had played for the Jazz in years past and lead Illinois to the National Championship berth said that he will be headed to Turkey this winter if the lockout is not lifted in time. The contract is a one year five million dollar deal for the Turkish club, Besiktas. Besiktas is the same club that signed Allen Iverson for a brief period last season and is looking to bring up a contract possibility with Kobe Bryant. After the news broke several other NBA players, such as Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony looked at playing overseas as a possibility. The possible loss of key players overseas should defiantly help the NBA come to an agreement.
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